About us

Our beauties, we are Artyom and Christina Malyavko, we welcome you to our website!
We decided not to write about ourselves in our own words, but to share with you the answers we received to the last poll “what do you like about us, why do you buy from us?”

“Individual approach and the feeling that you are that special client”
“Color, convenience. You are sincere! ”
“You are truly customer-focused”
“The quality of the product is on top”
“Because you do it with your soul”
“I love to open your boxes – it’s just a celebration”
“Fine workmanship, no scars and the fact that the piece is knitted, not cut out of knitwear”
“Because you can discuss and refine everything. Because the quality is class. Because you are real! Because the energy of love from things ”
“Always sincerely and with love, to every detail, to business, to people, to life in general. And also packaging and tassels! ”
“Quality. Possibility to order according to your height ”
“Sincerity. Femininity. Dresses ”
“Yakism of speeches, zuchnist, originality of speeches. Crushed with a soul ”
“Tenderness. Wear comfort ”
“Fabric, pleasant to the body, bright colors, individual approach to each client”
“Family in business and natural fabrics”
“Bright things. Quality and your face ”
“Beauty. Good taste. Openness, responsiveness, sociability, love for beauty ”
“I like the style of your clothes, the quality and even your attitude towards us”
“I like the laconicism and comfort in the products. Like what you experience offered
the product on yourself and wear in everyday life – this suggests that for you this is not just a business, but something more ”

We are glad to receive such feedback and will be happy to see you among our happy clients!

About brand LAVD

We founded the brand in 2016 with the aim of producing high quality products according to
reasonable price.

We chose fully fashioned product design, Japanese equipment and Italian raw materials.

The main principle of fully fashioned design is that the products do not lend themselves to cut.
The programmed connected parts are connected manually on a kettle
equipment without cutting off the edges. This is a relatively complex process with low productivity. The process is quite costly, but the products made in this way are of the highest quality.

We focus on the women’s segment, starting from 2019 we are gradually adding basic men’s sweaters and T-shirts. Once twice a year, we update the line of blankets and bedspreads.

We provide a number of additional services for correcting the product at your request. We can change the length, neck, color, raw material and other configurations. As a result, you get a product that perfectly matches your data.

Correction services are paid and are negotiated at the stage of ordering. You can discuss and order them through the feedback form in the tab ,, individual order ,,.

Place your order on the website, on our Facebook page or on Instagram.

And we invite and wait for you in our House of Knitting Art LAVD in the lane
Nekrasov 8 in Odessa!

Clothing LAVD

The LAVD trademark offers you a collection of women’s knitted knitwear and home textiles. In the production of our products, we use modern equipment and regular knitting that allows you to create a product that does not require a cut, the parts are connected on the kettling equipment without cutting the edges. This is a relatively complex process with a low productivity and quite expensive, but products made in this way have the highest quality. Therefore, in the production of expensive products from high tive yarn used his name.